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Health & Safety

We are committed to developing the highest standards of occupational health and safety is an integral part of the business and given equal priority with all other aspects of business management. The management has endorsed and established a Health and Safety Policy that sets out detailed guidelines for all operations across the department. Its principles support the Clintoy that seeks over time to bring all operations across the department. All operations audited against these standards, any shortfall identified and assessed and where appropriate, continuous improvement actions are agreed and implemented.

It is the responsibility of all employees to maintain and improve health and safety. Clintoy empower and encourage our employees to report accidents, incidents and lapses in best practice and to participate in improvement activities -
we have constant dialogue with our employees across the department in respect of health and safety matters. Our Health and Safety Policy has established arrangements to ensure we promote the participation of our employees in developing, promoting, maintaining and improving health and safety so that they:
• acquire the necessary skills and behaviors;
• understand their responsibility to themselves and their colleagues for health and safety;
• Clintoy empowered and encouraged to report accidents, incidents and lapses in best practice and to participate in improvement activities.

Clintoy measure and monitor our health and safety performance and target continuous improvement - There is a strong focus within the Clintoy on using key performance indicators and achieving external health and safety accreditation. The Clintoy employs health and safety specialists in all of our operating units and health and safety committees with cross-functional and cross-hierarchical representation exist at all sites.

Where appropriate, Clintoy provides on-site medical facilities and health monitoring programmes for employees. Training is provided to all employees to ensure compliance with Clintoy standards and we continue to build on our traditional programmes, which focus on workplace behaviors, coupled with helping employees understand any personal health risks. During the year, we have continued investment in health and safety with respect to reduction in manual handling requirements.

Clintoy conduct risk assessments to identify significant health and safety related risks, which arise from all activities undertaken including periodic reviews to ensure new activities and processes, are covered - at operating unit level, Clintoy Health and Safety Policy is implemented to be consistent with the business operating conditions and any specific local legal requirements. Regular audits are conducted, by internal and specialist external auditors, at business unit and departmental level to ensure compliance with Clintoy standards and continuous improvement.

The Board regards health and safety as a fundamental business responsibility and reviews health and safety matters on a regular basis. Health and safety is a standing item for review by the Clintoy Risk Committee, which ensures that any related risks are properly identified, assessed and prioritized, and that appropriate action is taken to manage and mitigate those risks effectively. The Chief Executive Officer has ultimate responsibility on the Board for health and safety across the Clintoy and is a member of the Clintoy Risk Committee.

At Clintoy, we take the issues of Environmental Health, Safety & Quality Assurance (EHSQ) very seriously. Our policy on EHSQ amongst others: All employees of Clintoy are responsible for protecting the Environment, Health and Safety of her workers, Customers, Contractors and the Community in which she does business according to this policy. This policy shall be applicable to all employees, contractors, visitors and customers.

All incidents, near misses and potential hazards that might lead to injuries to personnel or damage to equipment, the environment must be report immediately to the nearest EHSQ Representative. Clintoy regards as paramount, the protection of the Environment and promotion of Health and Safety measures at all levels of its operations. Clintoy is committed to sound EHS performance in all aspects of her business.

This is to prevent injury and protect all from work hazards and occupational diseases in the execution of her activities. Clintoy will provide and maintain a safe, pollution free and healthy working environment by complying with all applicable statutory guidelines, regulations and laws. To this end, all employees, contractors and customers will be adequately train to ensure that they work safely in their respective functions and to protect the environment