Clintoy is a dynamic and progressive company that offers cutting edge custom solutions for our customers' varied technology needs.
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Chairman Statement

Distinguished Shareholders, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this Annual General Meeting (AGM). Our ability to achieve value for our shareholders driven by our focused strategy and rigorous attention to operational efficiency and will continue to strengthen your belief in the continued viability of our business model, and in our commitment to clients and shareholders.

I am delighted to present to you the highlights of the major developments that have shaped our company, whilst we continue to strive towards our mission to become the largest and most efficient Services Provider, we make every effort to ensure that the technically innovative solutions we provide for the Nation remains environmentally friendly.


Service Excellence: At Clintoy, we take service delivery to the highest level. This unmatched quality service is consistent at every point where we meet our customers.
Performance Driven: Our drive for excellence derives from a deeply rooted passion to succeed in a highly competitive market. This passion continues to build confidence in our customers who know that we put them first at all times and will continually strive to satisfy them. It is a drive yet unequalled in this market.
Dynamic and Progressive: We adopt a fresh, bold approach to doing business; even breaking the conventional to satisfy our customers, we will readily roll up our sleeves to deliver. We are not afraid to have grease stains on our hands.
Consistent Quality Experience: Our commitment to consistent quality experience is unquestionable. Therefore, when you meet us, the quality service that you experience is never compromised. This is because we continually strive to surpass your expectations.

Clintoy has created an Investor Relations Portal. The portal is part of strategies designed to serve investors better by keeping them abreast of developments in the company. The new portal helps the company form closer bonds with investors and shareholders. As the basic objective of investors is to maximise returns, the portal, an integral aspect of the Investor relations unit, keeps them fully informed on their investments in various sectors within the company.

A wealth-building vehicle serves as a one-stop information dissemination medium for investors on the activities of the company. To make it more attractive to a wider audience, other current and relevant issues that affect investors shall be discussed.

Features of the portal include a forum for investors, investor guide, growth partners, growth drivers; investor education series also includes a global investment calendar and an investment guide for growing people.

We successful at introducing our existing core businesses, the provision of infrastructure management and deployment activities and today we are a dominant player in this field, with established. These expansion plans have, and are opening up new business possibilities for our company.

Clintoy Social Responsibility: Our Company is strongly committed to the host communities in which it operates. By way of giving back to these communities, we ensure that where possible the sourcing of materials, the recruitment of staff and the appointment of subcontractors and vendors are all done locally. We have encouraged the spirit of entrepreneurship through training and development of the skills required.

Human Capital Development: Clintoy investment in people is of paramount importance. The industry within which we operate is very dynamic and technological advances are commonplace, therefore to remain relevant and we ensure that staff is trained, kept abreast of innovations and new practices. Every year, we embark on a series of training programmes that are done in-house, either executed on the field or sourced externally. The impact of this investment is far reaching; we are better able to understand our client's needs and as such, proffer and provide the best solutions for their businesses. We remain a strong and reliable service provider for the client and our staffs become better performers. They can grow their future with us and take higher and better positions in our organization.

Clintoy Employer Brand: One of our key challenges is to retain and motivate our people while at the same time attracting talented individuals into our business, we launched an initiative with some key communication tools and guidelines to enable us to develop a distinctive proposition that recognises our international and diverse culture, values entrepreneurial spirit and encourages fast decision-making.

CONCLUSION I would like to extend my gratitude to our esteemed shareholders for their continuous support, and their confidence in Management and the Board of Directors. I assure you that we will continuously strive to keep Clintoy on the path of growth. I would also like to use this opportunity to express my appreciation to our customers, for the confidence placed in our company's abilities, and their belief that we can do what is expected of us. Promise that we will continue to take the steps that will ensure our services remain invaluable to your businesses and continue to work to exceed your expectations.

Likewise, my sincere gratitude goes to my colleagues on the board for their unalloyed support and unwavering interest in the growth and success of this company. My greatest appreciation goes to all our employees, for their renewed commitment and enthusiasm, as demonstrated in the affairs of our Company.

Chief Executive Chairman / President
For: Clintoy International Limited

Clintoy House Asa Dam Road
P. O. Box 1844 Ilorin Nigeria