Clintoy is a dynamic and progressive company that offers cutting edge custom solutions for our customers' varied technology needs.
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"Clintoy is a leading agribusiness and food company with integrated operations that circle the global, stretching from the farm field to the retail shelf."

Clintoy farm has performed remarkably well over many years, by keeping pace with rapid population growth and delivering food at progressively lower prices. Clintoy is expanding investment in Agriculture and increasing revenues through domestic sales and exports and creating employment opportunities in the agribusiness sector.

Clintoy primarily focus on development of 100 Hectares (ha) of virgin land into arable lands under irrigation for the production of food crops and horticulture. Clintoy farm land is close proximity of an abundant water sources for irrigation use.

"The main produce is Maize, rice, cassava, palm oil, cattle, sheep, goats also Piggery"


Clintoy sustainable farming focuses on technology in particular settings, especially strategies that reduce reliance on non-renewable or environmentally harmful inputs. These include eco agriculture, permaculture, organic, ecological, low-input, biodynamic, environmentally-sensitive, community-based, farm-fresh and extensive strategies.

Clintoy focuses more on the concept of agricultural sustainability, and goes beyond particular farming systems. It implies the capacity to adapt and change as external and internal conditions change. The conceptual parameters have broadened from an initial focus on environmental aspects to include first economic.

1 Ecological – Clintoy core concerns are to reduce negative environmental and health externalities, to enhance and use local ecosystem resources, and preserve biodiversity. Clintoy recent concerns broader recognition for positive environmental externalities from agriculture.

2 Economic – Clintoy economic perspectives on agricultural sustainability seek to assign value to ecological assets, and also to include a longer time frame in economic analysis. Clintoy also highlight subsidies that promote the depletion of resources or unfair competition with other production systems.

3 Social and political – Also Clintoy concerns about the equity of technological change. At the local level, agricultural sustainability is associated with Clintoy farm and concern is for enabling policies that target poverty reduction.

Since the formation of Clintoy Agribusiness, the Board Management of Clintoy International Limited have a wealth of experience gained in all aspects of various infrastructure implementation and management. These skills are applied to each project to ensure that every phase agriculture is adequately addressed and mobilization of resources required and only for the required period to ensure that the project is achieved on a cost effective basis.

Currently, Clintoy farm has embarked on food crops and livestock and the Board Directors of Clintoy International Limited has acquired 100 Hectares of land for food crop and livestock production. Currently, Clintoy farm is embarking on the introduction of a livestock component and Maize, rice, cassava, palm oil, cattle, sheep, goats also Piggery.

Clintoy intends to embark on the cultivation of 100 Hectares of major food crop (rice, Maize, cassava, and palm oil) and increasing in livestock (cattle, sheep, goats and Piggery).