Clintoy is a dynamic and progressive company that offers cutting edge custom solutions for our customers' varied technology needs.
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About the Clintoy

Clintoy is a dynamic and progressive company that offers cutting edge custom solutions for our customers’ varied technology needs. We are a leading oil and gas, construction, management, marketing and Agri-business. Our spread of work for both public and private sector clients is well balanced and extensive and we are renowned for our ability to provide whole-life solutions.

Clintoy Management Services Department is diverse, highly skilled and with access to the best management Services. Currently, Clintoy carry General Liability Insurance that meets any project requirements within our bonding limits.

We are a rapidly growing company with many satisfied and strictly adhere to a "Total Quality Management" system in the performance of our operations. This system ensures the efficient and effective processing of the policies and procedures that guide our operations.

Clintoy commitment to operational excellence ensures that we remain focused on our objective, Complete Customer Satisfaction and beyond the business of delivering customer satisfaction.

Clintoy is a company with a strong sense of values. We care about our employees and our community. We build a close and supportive relationship with all staff members fostering a positive work environment where each team member can reach their full potential. We support our community through our many charitable initiatives and donations.

By engaging Clintoy, our clients are assured exceptional service from a company who will work to understand each client’s particular needs and deliver contracting services and specialty management solutions that will add value to their business operations.

Clintoy is managed by a team of Nigerian and United Kingdom experts, executes works by a qualified and well trained labour force, Clintoy particularly aware of and committed to focus on Health, Safety and Environmental Protection in accordance with international practice, meets international standards and is certified to implement and maintain Quality System to the standard.

Clintoy reputation is based on its capability to supply, Plan, design, construction and management services a variety of civil engineering and building projects to the satisfaction of its clients and ability, experience to mobilize and start any kind of project in a record time supported by the commitment and strength of its personnel and its own large fleet of modern construction equipment